The mufti of Moscow urges not to politicize the issue of teaching national languages

Moscow. 6 Dec. Interfax – Head of the Spiritual Council of Muslims of Russia, mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov, expressed opposition to the politicization of the topic teaching in the school of languages.

“The question of the teaching of national languages in any case should not be politicized. It needs to be negotiated in a calm and constructive atmosphere, to find the right solutions,” he said in an interview published by the newspaper “NG-Religion”.

A. mufti Krganov said that he, as a Tartar a native of the Chuvash Republic, went to school, where he taught Russian and Tatar languages.

“Small in comparison with the realities of the amount of lessons in the Tatar language was enough to get me educated Tatar language. I’m not a linguist may not know many of the rules of the Tatar language, but it is unlikely I will be able to blame the fact that I can’t speak Tatar”, – said the mufti.

However, he agreed with those who believe that “for the development of the national language just a few hours, and if the language at home do not communicate with parents, children it just will not speak”.

A. Krganov reminded that the Spiritual gathering of Muslims, which he heads, at the time, suggested that the Ministry of education and science of Russia to hold the Olympic games on Russian and Tatar literature.

“We want to hold the Olympics on the theme that keeps about different peoples, about Muslims, Islam. A series of such works of Pushkin and other writers. A parallel to this is the role of the Russian people, Russian language, Russian in the literary heritage of the Muslim peoples. These Olympics will be useful for strengthening inter-ethnic relations”, – said the mufti.

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