The head of Lutheran Estonia proposed to amend the Constitution defining marriage as the Union of man and woman

Tallinn. 1 Dec. INTERFAX/BNS – the Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Urmas Viilma proposed to amend the Constitution addition that clearly interpreted the marriage as a Union concluded between a man and a woman, and then adjust to special laws other ways of living together.

“I ask all debaters and opponentov without prejudice, to seriously consider the proposal to complement the Basic law of the Republic of Estonia regulation that clearly would be called marriage only the Union between man and woman,” said the Archbishop, addressing the faithful in the Cathedral of Tallinn.

According to him, an integral part of this decision could become public the agreement of the various parties, political parties, organizations and institutions.

“The agreement would have frozen all activities related to the law on cohabitation in the name of, after the constitutional protection of the concept of marriage to take the next step and handle, may be at the level of special laws, other ways of living together,” explained William Wilma.

He believes that public agreement will provide an opportunity to lead society to the consent order “the concept of traditional marriage is no longer a concern of erosion and at the same time, sexual minorities would not feel for one reason or another, second-class citizens, because they will get a sense of confidence that their joint accommodation is provided by them civil rights, they still felt the need to organize protection of their living together”.

The Archbishop believes that in this way society would be more clarity and less fear, more respect to each other, people would no longer be considered to each other and care about each other. “My dream is that society has recovered,” said William Wilma.

Adopted in 2014 the law on cohabitation came into force in early 2016, but to ensure its functioning regulations are still not adopted.