The end of dryer replacement scheme angers MPs

Mps demand to know why the white goods manufacturer Whirlpool concluded a product replacement scheme-hazardous and a tumble dryer.

Commons business committee says that more than a million of defects of the machines to remain in the UNITED kingdom.

In the month of November, a coroner blamed an electrical fault in a Whirlpool dryer for a 2014 fire that killed two men.

The company says it is still offering free repairs, but in the end a £50 offer for a replacement machine after demand fell.

After the problems with the machines emerged for the first time, initially said that customers that dryers are safe to use, but must not be left unattended, but later said that the machines should be disconnected until they could be repaired.

With the growth of waiting lists for the repair, the company has announced that allow customers to purchase a replacement dryer for the reduced price of € 50.

The Commons Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, the Committee has written to the Tub, wondering why he chose to put an end to this pattern of replacement.

Committee chairman Rachel Reeves accused the manufacturer of “falling significantly short of their responsibility” and asked why the president, Ian Moverly failed to mention at the end of the replacement pattern when he gave evidence that his commission in the month of October.
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In a statement to BBC News, Whirlpool has said: “we continue to appeal to any remaining owners of the affected models to contact us immediately so we can change your washing machine and dryer.

“After two years of a series of measures to increase the awareness, the number of consumers that advances decreased drastically. This suggests that some of the affected appliances to remain in service.

“We want to remind consumers that, if you own one of these devices, it is never too late to get in contact and we encourage them to contact us immediately.

“The booking process is straightforward and you can arrange for one of our engineers to visit their home, free of charge, to make the change at a time of their choice.”

The hot Tub statement continued: “All consumers who have the affected tumble dryer are eligible for a free-of-charge change.

“Previously, consumers who want to upgrade their products to a more recent model has been offer the possibility of a new dryer in exchange for a small contribution to the total cost.

The scheme is terminated due to a fall in demand.”

Consumer group Which? criticised both the Whirlpool and the government, which has asked to intervene.

Managing director Alex Neill said: “it is totally unacceptable that Whirlpool has closed its scheme of substitution for these dangerous dryer.

“It is irresponsible that, in spite of a million households still using an affected machine Tub does not seem willing to do everything you can to tackle this problem.”

“The Government needs to step in and force Whirlpool to recall fully the remainder of the dryers,” he added.