The element of fire

In southern California, the state Governor imposed a state of emergency: there is already the second day firefighters “fighting” forest fires, burning tens of thousands of hectares of land affected hundreds of homes, all of Tuesday control over fire was 0%.

The flames broke out on Monday night to stop the fire a fireman was not under force: the raging seasonal winds blew the fire element throughout southern California.

The smell of burning and smoke literally enveloped Sylmar. According to preliminary data, in the area burned down thirty houses in the evacuation zone thousands. But even in spite of the entreaties of the Governor of the state, not everyone is in a hurry to leave. Someone tries in vain to save their homes, some animals.

Barris, owner of the farm, says he will not abandon their animals. “If necessary, I will die with them for all I care, I’m not leaving!” he says.

Patricia and her husband returned after a night spent in the evacuation center. The whole district suffered from the fire element, people have lost everything, fleeing from the fires.

“My husband felt the smell of burning, – says Patricia. We woke up and saw that people are running, and we also began to gather. A few minutes later the police knocked on the doors of neighbors and are being asked to evacuate”.

In the evacuation zone in southern California has tens of thousands of people, burned houses more than a hundred. Hardest hit Ventura, a little less – Santa CLARITA, under the threat of evacuation there remain many areas. Smog covered the entire Los Angeles, the acrid smell of smoke everywhere. All of Tuesday firefighters vainly trying to bring the disaster under control, but the fire that does not cease, but, on the contrary, breaks out with renewed vigor. It is impossible to extinguish fires and from the sky because of strong winds.

In all the affected areas and deployed emergency staff, which could come to anyone in need. While the prognosis is not good: strong winds will be in southern California for a few days, and, therefore, the threat of new fires is very high.