NI city ‘in the UK, the fastest runners


A city in Northern Ireland with a population of only 21,000.the fastest runners in the UK, according to data from a fitness app

Strava’s annual report showed the average speed of the athlete with the GPS-mapping-app in Omagh, County Tyrone, was 5.03 min/km.

Omagh-athletes ran away with the title, against the in London of two seconds.

Next, NI the third came with runners in Banbridge, County Down.

Strava, the running tens of millions of users globally analyzed 24.7 m and 31m Cycling registered in the UK in 2017.

A Strava spokesman, did not reveal the exact number of people that use the app in certain areas, but said that the data suggested that users in Northern Ireland were above the average in ability and commitment.

Analysts suggest a smaller number of advanced runners with the app in Omagh could boost the area’s performance in Strava end-of-year League tables.

The data showed that Northern Ireland had some of the “most committed athletes in the world,” said Strava’s Gareth Mills.

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Together they ran more than 3m kms, and cycled almost 21m km in 2017.

He said the data suggested “a diverse and growing running community.”The app, inspired, tens of millions of walking, Cycling

In the GPS-mapping application in the analysis of the UK’s Cycling habits, Northern Ireland, the crown for the cyclists, who pedaled the farthest claimed the most often.

Ballymena, Magherafelt and Armagh took the first, second and third place for the “longest average travel,” the report said.

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Ballymena was also the second in the fastest cyclists in the category, behind the County of Ceredigion in Wales, with a speed of 33.2 km per hour.

“With an average ride of 51km, Ballymena, need some incredibly dedicated to cyclists – that’s 60% more than the UK average,” said Mr mills.

Paul Murdoch, the chairman of Ballymena Road Cycling Club, said: “We have a competitive bunch, we have always done consistently well in competitions and once upon a time, we were one of the biggest clubs in the UK.

“Other clubs always make jokes that we train hard.

“Cycling has really grew in popularity in the last few years, and Ballymena, was in the fortunate position to be able to be a good club for people to, if that’s what happened.”