Bet President on the Pro-Ukrainian elites in the complex regions – winning.

The President made a winning bet on the Pro-Ukrainian elites in the complex regions. This opinion was expressed by Director General of the CVU Alexey Purse, commenting on the decision of the Chairman of Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov to post bail for the release from prison of one of the leaders of public resistance to the building of the historical center of Odessa Sergey Sternenko. According to him, the decision of the Governor is crucial for the region, anti-corruption developments and security components, and are more than assured that the actions of Maxim Stepanov was approved by the President.

“Odessa and Odessa region cease to be a startup for holders of foreign passports and are increasingly acquiring the traits of a powerful Pro-Ukrainian region with strong vertical. Where the government focuses more on the stability of the region and cooperation of the people and not for self-enrichment or self-praise,” – said Purse.

“Today it is important to use a relative truce at the front to strengthen the vertical state and to get rid of politicians like the mayor of Odessa, Trukhanov, who are blackmailing the country with instability in their respective communities, trying to get the business preferences, corruption cases or such banal things as Park buildings or the destruction of a military airfield,” adds political analyst.

“The situation with the Park is a top of cynicism. Close to mayor Truhanov businessmen are trying to build a facility in one of the main symbols of Odessa. Actually this is a result of unpunished fraud in the election. Those who “did win” the mayor, pay off their activity that such corruption schemes. In fact it is the shortcomings of the Prosecutor’s office. Moreover, after the publication of the facts of the presence of Russian passports to the mayor Trukhanov, it needs on a daily basis to appear in the office of the security Service of Ukraine, and not to engage in construction projects in the green zone”, – stressed General Director of the CVU.

We will remind that in Odessa activists opposed the decision of the city authorities and the mayor Gennady Trukhanov to allow felling of trees in the city Park and its buildings. After this, the leaders of the protest were detained. One of the leaders of the protest, Maxim Sternenko, received 60 days in jail with the right to bail in 608 000. After that, the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov has declared its readiness to bail for the release of Sergei Sternenko, saying he did not share his political views, but acts in the interests of Odesa citizens.