Volkswagen UK boss: “no systemic Problem” with diesel gate fix

Volkswagen UK boss Paul Willis has told a government Committee on transport that the company update no evidence of a “systemic Problem” affecting the reliability of the cars given that diesel gate software.

Willis was asked the address of the Chairman of the state transportation Committee, Lilian Greenwood MP, on the complaints regarding the effects of diesel gate software Update on the company cars. Greenwood requested an update on the progress in fixing cars tangle in the emissions fraud scandal, prompting Willis to clarify, Volkswagen’s recent actions in relation to the issue.

Willis maintained Volkswagen stance that no compensation will be offered to the European customers, stating that “the Problem is much different than in the United States compared with the situation in Europe”. He also brought attention to the fact that almost 820,000 vehicles have been fixed in the UK, with around 3500 per week.

Volkswagen has treated individually 16,904 complaints in relation to cars, ” reliability after the Update; Willis marks this as less than 2% of the total number of cars affected. He also claimed that “no system was found to be Problem in terms of a degradation of performance”.

Gareth Pritchard, the founder of the Diesel-to-customer Forum, said: “it is worrying for the owners, who have 820.000 cars so far, the emissions software update in the UK, yet not one owner has had it will tell you what the Update is actually not to our cars.

“We know there are a lot of angry owners experiencing identical problems, and Volkswagen does not explain what is going on. I suspect that 16,904’s complaints under-estimate the extent of the problem, because not everyone affected is forced to write.”

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