U.S. lawmakers continue to discuss immigration reform against the possible suspension of work of the government

Congress must make the decision to prevent deportation of illegal immigrants brought to America when they were kids

Two days before the expiration of the financing activities of the U.S. government, U.S. lawmakers were closer to confronting the possible suspension of work of the government. On the way there was a problem with the situation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States with his parents in childhood.

Many Democrats consider it necessary to associate the financing of the activities of state bodies with legislative initiative, which will allow almost 800,000 young immigrants to continue to work and study in the United States after President Donald trump has canceled the program, protecting them from deportation.

In turn, the number of Republicans believes that it is necessary to link regulatory decisions to the beneficiaries of the Program deferred action for immigrant children (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – DACA) – with the strengthening of border security of the United States, the fight against the so-called cities of refuge, the expansion of the program identity verification of employees and more focus on economic efficiency as a criterion required for legal immigration.

“Any bill to Fund the government should also contain the necessary changes to DACA,” said democratic Senator Kamala Harris from California. “These young people were in classes and in lines with his hand on heart, promising loyalty to the flag of the United States… the Flag that many of us wear on a lapel”.

DACA, policy the border

Trump has criticized Democrats, saying that their requirements for DACA are part of a wider campaign aimed at opening the borders of the United States.

“The Democrats really targeting what’s really dangerous for our country. They’re targeting the suspension of the [U.S. government],” said the President Wednesday at the White house. “They want in our country were illegal immigrants, bringing crime, a huge amount of crime. We don’t want that.”

Republican senators noted that, while trump has canceled the action DACA in September, it also delayed the potential deportation until March 5, giving time to Congress to not only prescribe DACA, but also to address other immigration issues.

The last attempt of the Congress to undertake comprehensive immigration reform failed in 2013.

Demonstration on the Capitol

DACA beneficiaries and groups for the protection of immigrants in recent weeks has staged a number of demonstrations across the country. Hundreds of people gathered at the Capitol building on Wednesday.

“I was raised in America, I went to school in America, I work in America,” said student Maria del Silo, who was born in Mexico and brought to the United States at the age of 3 years. “We want something that will give us citizenship, so I could go to work and in University… I want to repay the community and the country.”

This statement was supported also born in Mexico, Carlos Esteban – now studying as a nurse. He was brought to the United States at the age of 15.

“I love the United States. This is my house,” said Esteban. “I want to go into the army as soon as I went to College to be a nurse. I love to help people.”

If Congress cannot take the necessary bill and Donald trump don’t sign it before midnight Friday, the government of the USA will partially suspend its work.

It is expected that the leaders of both parties of Congress will meet with the President of the United States on Thursday to discuss plans to move forward. The White house announced that Donald trump will sign the plan drafted by the House of representatives to extend government operations until December 22 of this year.