Trump Jr. told about the conversations with his father about meeting with the Russians

At the hearings in Congress, the President’s son referred to his father’s right to maintain the confidentiality of communication with counsel

WASHINGTON – Donald trump, Jr. on Wednesday refused to answer questions from lawmakers regarding his conversations with his father, then a presidential candidate Donald trump, about his meetings in the Trump Tower with the representatives of Russia in June 2016.

Trump Jr. has avoided meeting with journalists upon entering the Capitol through the back door, before members of the house Committee on intelligence, questions which he answered more than eight hours.

The Committee is investigating possible collusion between his campaign and trump Russia.

A leading Democrat in the Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff announced that trump Jr. responded to most questions, but when asked about the meetings with the Russians, he declined to comment, citing the client’s right to maintain the confidentiality of communication with counsel.

According to trump Jr., in his conversation with his father a lawyer was present.

Schiff said he did not consider that the conversation of the two Trumps refers to information subject to attorney-client privilege.