The us state Department commented on the recognition of “Voice of America” Radio Free Europe “foreign agents”

Heather commented on Neuert signed by the President of the Russian Federation amendments to the previously adopted law

“We believe that this is the wrong decision”, – said the press Secretary of the US State Department to a reporter’s question regarding the decision of the state Duma of Russia to deprive of accreditation of the journalists of “voice of America” and Radio Free Europe.

“One of the things that we often talk in these walls – the importance of freedom of speech. This includes information that other governments might seem awkward. This applies both to our allies and partners, and the countries with which we have tense relations”.

Heather Nauert also added that the law on mass media in Russia can be used as the NGO law. “We are concerned that they [the Russian authorities – “GA”] can ultimately prosecute journalists, arrested and expelled from the country. This is what we, as Americans, believe is fundamentally wrong. We believe in the right to freedom of expression, and we have serious concerns about Russia’s actions in the matter of restriction of freedom of activity of journalists.