The journalist of VGTRK told about the arrest at the airport of Chisinau

MOSCOW, November 28 — RIA Novosti. Representatives of two Russian media — VGTRK and TV-channel “Zvezda” were detained at passport control in the airport of Chisinau without explanation.

“We with Alexey Samoletov (commentator of TV channel “Star” – ed.) the one with the missed flight in arrival hall”, — told the RIA Novosti news producer at VGTRK Marina Safronova.

“No explanations on the subject of what happens to us – whether we are expelled or not expelled, no. We are told that all will explain later. My question is “are We being deported?” say “Why do you think so? “That is, there is a strange kind of game, strange. The saddest thing is that the documents we do not return. That is, we are here as hostages,” she added.

Safronov said that they Samoletova arrived in Chisinau to present a documentary, and nothing to remove in Moldova is not going to.

“We just wanted to show an old documentary of Alexey “the Battle for the “salute”. He has twice been re-released, is film of 2011, the cosmic detective, which became the basis for a movie about “Salyut-7″, held here in the office”, she said.