The Iraqi army launched an operation against militants IG* to the West of the country

MOSCOW, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Iraq’s armed forces on Thursday launched a military operation to sweep terrorists from grouping “Islamic state”* Western desert areas on the border with Syria, reported the press service of the command of the joint operations in Iraq.

“The army and the militia forces of al-Hashd al-SHAABI began the massive clean-up operations of areas of Jazeera, located between the provinces of Salah al-DIN, Ninewa, and Anbar in the second phase of sweep operations” — quoted service quoted the commander of the operation to sweep Abdel-Amir Erally.

On Tuesday, the source told RIA Novosti that the Iraqi army intends to begin this week an operation to destroy the remnants of the terrorist group ISIS in the country in the province of Salah al-DIN.

After the announcement on 17 November about the liberation from the militants last stronghold of ISIS in the country – the city of Rawa West of Anbar province – the command of the army of Iraq said that the troops will continue operations in pursuit of militants of the IG*, while the whole country is cleared from terrorism.

According to the international coalition headed by the USA, the terrorists have lost 95% of territory they control in Syria and Iraq. The United States hopes that the “Caliphate” of ISIS* will cease to exist before the end of the year.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia