The icon “angel of Golden hair” it is impossible to restore and put in the climate showcase Russian Museum

Saint-Petersburg. 5 Dec. INTERFAX – Touch and removed from special cassette icon “angel of Golden hair” absolutely not, said acting chief curator of the Russian Museum Olga Babina.

“Icon to move, to exhibit in other places and even to get out of the special cassette is impossible. These are the main conclusions of the extended scientific Council of restoration of the Russian Museum, which was included and the staff of the Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery, St. Petersburg state University for more informed decisions”, – said Olga Babina reporters on Tuesday.

According to the findings of restorers, the icon should be as saved in the extant version. Not recommended even the slightest restorative intervention can have irreversible consequences.

“Necessary to ensure the integrity of this work. Moving it to the uncharacteristic context is the depreciation of the monument. Valid is only the transfer of the icon only within the same building and only for the necessary conservation and preventive actions”, – said in the conclusion of the Council.

Experts will continue regular weekly check-UPS. There will be additional technical examination of the monument, including radiography and research in the infrared region of the spectrum.

The decision of the Board also emphasizes that the placement of the icon in the climate showcase for exhibiting outside of the Mikhailovsky Palace in no way removes the threat of deteriorating security in case of seizing, moving and transporting.

Experts specify that the icon (its second name – “Archangel Gabriel”), which is a constituent element not preserved Deesis complex has the status of a revered or Molen image.

Currently, the work of art there are areas of craquelure (cracking) of the paint layer, the abundance of different nails and gvozdevyh holes in the thickness of the Board, the presence of chips and cracks, the foundations. To the original Golden rabbakum icons applies only a small fragment on the left shoulder of the Archangel.

Earlier it was reported that the advanced scientific restoration Board of the Russian Museum came to the conclusion that to maintain a stable condition of a unique icon of the XII century “angel Gold hair” you need to prevent the possibility of migration of the permanent exhibition the first hall of the Mikhailovsky Palace (Russian Museum).

In early October, the press service of the Ministry of culture, “Interfax” reported that the icon of the XII century “angel Golden hair” from the Russian Museum collection can pass for temporary exhibitions in the chapel of St Michael’s (engineers) castle. Later in the Museum said that the icon was nowhere to move will not.

“Angel Golden hair” is a masterpiece of pre-Mongolian icon painting. In the world of these icons survived more than 20. Most likely, the icon was created by the people of Novgorod, it was discovered in 1864 during disassembly “by a storehouse pantry” on the Ivanovo belltower in the Kremlin. The work entered the Rumyantsev Museum, and in 1934 was transferred to the Russian Museum.