The balance for the miner: what you need miners to get into the playoffs of the Champions League

To Shakhtar Donetsk after a crushing defeat against Napoli has not changed much decomposed to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League.

From the Donetsk team were 9 points, while Napoli have become 6 points. These two teams are fighting for second place in the group, as Manchester city secured a victory in the group, and Feyenoord will definitely be the last.

The only thing that deserves attention, the miners lost the advantage over Napoli in personal meetings, so in case of equal points above will be Neapolitans.

In the last round on 6 December to reach the playoffs of the Champions League Shakhtar need one of two options.Shakhtar need to win the Kharkov unmotivated Manchester cityIf Napoli don’t win at Feyenoord, Shakhtar pass on regardless of the score in his match.

This means that Shakhtar’s fate remains largely in his hands, but even the failure of Manchester city to leave the orange and black a chance to pass on.

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