Sidorchuk: I Confess that I did not expect such a gesture from Yarmolenko

The Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Serhiy sydorchuk has told about how he experienced his injury, which flew for a long period.

“The hardest part was the first two days lived with the hope that it’s still not the cruciate ligament. On the third day after the injury I’m already walking normally, almost not limping.

MRI, another examination one hundred percent not allowed to establish the diagnosis, but when did the arthroscopy, the worst predictions were confirmed.

With 17 years, in fact, all the time in the team – training, fees, games. Used to this football movement, and then, as if a void has formed. In General, I try to go for the procedure at the time when all the guys on the base. For me their support is very important.

The episode with the t-shirt that showed Yarmolenko is one of the most enjoyable moments in my career. I so much of him, I confess, did not expect, although in the beginning of the meeting noticed that out of shape he looks kind of white shirt.

He left the shirt on the memory, since it is already Saturday morning flew to Dortmund. But, knowing how Andrew refers to t-shirts, I think he will not remain”, – said Sidorchuk , Team No. 1.