Russian prolifera welcome payments for the birth of first child

Moscow. 4 Dec. INTERFAX – the head of the movement “Women for life” Natalia Moskvitina welcomed the idea of payment for the birth of the first child, which will begin in Russia from January 2018.

“The payments for the firstborn may affect the statistics of abortion,” said N. Moskvitina “Interfax” on Monday.

According to the head of the Pro-life movement every three seconds committed one abortion.

“Women who decide to terminate a pregnancy, very often repelled its financial position. Monthly payments can be a major support and influence a woman’s decision about abortion,” he said.Moskvitina, commenting on the initiative of the President of Russia.

No less important, in her opinion, and the moral aspect. “The state reminds us that the children need, and we are ready to fight for them. A woman in a crisis situation strongly looking for support from the outside and often not getting it even in the circle of his own family. Therefore, the real help from the state, I believe, will be able to reduce the number of abortions” – sure, public figure.

As reported, from January of next year set monthly payments for the first child. Would amount to an average of 10 523 ruble depending on the region of the Russian Federation. To apply for the grant will be able to families with incomes less than the subsistence level established in the subject rate. The allowance will be paid at the birth of the first child and until it reaches one and a half years.