Rinspeed reveals two-section Snap-autonomous concept car

Rinspeed has developed a new autonomous concept car, which can be divided into two sections in order to increase its useful life and be more respectful of the environment.

In the Snap, which will be released by the Swiss tuner and concept car developer in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, united states, is comprised of two sections: a high-the use of ‘skateboard’ chassis, with the drive from the gear train and the hardware, and a passenger ‘pod’ with the safety cell.

The two sections are designed to quickly separate from one another. This, Rinspeed, he says, allows the pod to be used for a variety of purposes when stationary, as for camping or being in a store.

The idea is that the skid of the section, which contains the hard-wearing mechanical components, can be replaced as your end of their design life, with less emphasis on the sheath section may be used for a longer time.

This also means that the car of IT systems – including Level 5-autonomous driving capability – can be replaced with the skateboard, ensuring that the software and mapping systems remain up to date.

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She IS a consultant for MHP, which is partly owned by Porsche, which could operate a market for the service providers to supply the pods and skateboards for multiple functions.

The Snap features a power train supplied by ZF and two steering axles to suit the driving of the city. Runs on 225/35-18 tires to minimize the fuel consumption. As well as a driving system of the autonomous use of sensors lidar, the Complement of software includes a ‘personal assistant’ that reminds one of the personal settings, help with errands and makes suggestions of restaurants, among other tasks. Each passenger has three screens at your disposal.

The sheath of the section features adjustable glass elements, similar to the windows of the Boeing Dreamliner passenger airplane, and six of the outside face of the projectors that can be used to display messages to the passengers or other road users.

Other unusual features of the inside of the Snap-in pod include portable storage features, such as cup holders, and ‘urban agriculture’ container with strawberries and mint that grows in them for passengers to infuse in the tea.

The Add-in is the 24, show concept car developed by Rinspeed, best known in the field of the automotive industry as a vehicle tuner. It will also show the Add-in 2018 at the Geneva motor show.

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