Olympics: Russia suspended from participation in the winter Games in 2018

Today in Swiss Lausanne was held the meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), reports Inside The Games.

At today’s meeting discussed the decision on the admission of national team of Russia for participation in the Olympic games in 2018, which will be held in South Korea. The Executive Committee made by the heads of the working groups of the IOC and Denis Oswald and Samuel Schmid, who investigated the facts of the use of Russian athletes doping during Sochi 2014 and the involvement of the state to the doping program.

Following the meeting it was decided to suspend Russia from participation in the winter Olympic games in South Korea. Note that the meeting was not allowed to speak to representatives of the Russian delegation.

Russian athletes will be able to speak under his own name, but without any national symbols. They will be present as athletes from Russia (Olympic Athlete from Russia – OAR). The equipment will be written such English name. Flag – Olympic anthem the Olympic too.

We will remind, Russian national team has deprived 11 medals and first place in the overall standings of the Olympics in Sochi in 2014.