In the Parliament registered the draft on liability for denial of the Holodomor

KYIV, November 28 — RIA Novosti. Independent deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered in the Parliament bill which would introduce criminal liability for denial of Holodomor, the project was on the official website of the Parliament.

The initiators were deputies from nationalist party “Freedom” Andrey Ilyenko, Yuri Levchenko, Mikhail Golovko, Oleg Osukhovsky. The text of the document is not yet available on the Council website.

Earlier, President Poroshenko said that Ukraine is time to adopt the law on liability for denial of the Holodomor and the Holocaust.

Declaring the Holodomor as genocide and an act of “totalitarian terror” against Ukrainians, the Ukrainian authorities to achieve the world community’s recognition of the same. In Russia actions of Kiev are perceived as trying to “politicize history”, make “distrust and hostility in relations between the two countries, to embroil the peoples of Ukraine and Russia”.

The famine of 1932-1933 covered the main grain regions of the USSR — Ukraine, North Caucasus, Lower and middle Volga region, a considerable part of the Central Chernozem region, Kazakhstan, Western Siberia, southern Urals. Then, according to various estimates, killed from 7 to 8 million people, of which 3-3. 5 million — in Ukraine, 2 million in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, 2-2,5 million in the RSFSR.