In the organization of Islamic cooperation warned the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Washington. 5 Dec. INTERFAX – Possible recognition by the United States of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem will be negatively perceived in the Islamic world, reports the associated press citing a statement of the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC).

The document notes that such steps of the American side would “open aggression” against those who adhere to Islam.

In addition, 57 members of the OIC expressed its readiness to break off relations with any state that would recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

The act of moving the us Embassy to Jerusalem, the members of the U.S. Congress approved in 1995. However, in an effort to avoid steps that could further aggravate the situation in the middle East, who was then President of USA bill Clinton began to postpone the implementation of the law. The same policy was pursued by presidents George Bush and Barack Obama.

In turn Donald trump during election campaign promised to implement the law of transferring the Embassy to Jerusalem, but on June 1 signed a decree which postponed the start of the procedure of the transfer of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv. In recent days us media have reported that D. trump is close to a decision on the status of Jerusalem.