In the North of Moscow built the first wooden temple of the “program-200”

Moscow. 6 Dec. INTERFAX – Until the end of the year the dome with a cross will crown the Church of the Twelve Apostles in Khovrino district in the North of Moscow, the first large wooden Church that is being built in the city program of building of new churches.

“This is the most unusual temple in the area. It is wooden, with a marquee completion, is being built of larch on traditional technologies. Here everything is done manually, including the Assembly, as did the ancient masters of old”, – told the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion” in a press-service of the Deputy of the state Duma, the curator of the “program-200” Vladimir resin.

Construction is on an individual project, the temple complex is designed for 400 people.

“Architectural-city planning solution of a temple complex in honor of the 12 apostles in Horine due to the cramped conditions of the site, “saturation” underground utilities as well as significant about three metres of elevation difference,” explains Vladimir resin.

According to him, is a unique temple of the canonical wooden architecture with the use of modern approaches to the design and using the latest construction technologies. “You can say that it is a wooden temple in the ancient traditional architecture with modern technological stuffing”, – said the curator of the program.

In the opinion of Vladimir resin, the programme for the construction of Orthodox churches demonstrates not only a huge demand of Muscovites in the temples walking distance, but also a huge palette of architectural styles revived the traditions of Russian architecture, and applied technologies.

“Who could have imagined seven years ago that in modern Moscow will again begin to build beautiful wooden structures, which their durability is not inferior to the surrounding buildings of glass and concrete? And today is our reality”, – said the Deputy.

Until spring 2015 worship at this site was outside under the open sky. Then the initiator of the temporary Church became a local parishioner, father of many children, who in just four weeks almost he built a small wooden Church. The funds she collected all the world.