In line with the winner on Black Friday weekend

If you thought that the shops were looking for a quiet last Friday, then went to the right.

A whopping £1.4 million have been spent in online sales in the uk on Black Friday – some of 11.7% over last year, according to online retail trade body IMRG.

But in the Streets, shopping centres and retail parks it was a different story with the step of figures down 3.6%, the company’s analysis as a Springboard, he said.

Online shopping growth is already an established trend, but IMRG says that works especially well for sales.Clicks versus bricks

“The people of the store in many more places than they would normally. Because they know that everything the world is offering big discounts, then they are inclined to shop around more. In line lends itself very well to that,” says IMRG the strategy and the vision of the director Andy Mulcahy.

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However, in the battle of clicks versus bricks is not only Black Friday what counts.

The sales bonanza that starts the day after thanksgiving is now a four-day long event that culminated in the so-called Cyber Monday.

According to online data specialist of the PCA to Predict, uk online sales increased by 3% between the 11 and the 5 of the afternoon of this Cyber Monday compared to last year.

It is said that the peak of minutes for the purchase of goods was towards the end of the work day at 4:38pm.

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PCA to Predict the head of marketing Chris Boaz says that the people have realized that it is not necessary to brave the High Street to bag a deal.

“The days in which consumers would be willing to get up early to bag a bargain price is gone,” he says.

However, the popularity of “click and collect” that means that people are still eventually getting to the shops, even if they do not buy what you wanted online.

Kicker says the numbers collected during the weekend as buyers were to pick up their purchases.

The other impact on the buyer of the numbers, both online and in stores, is that many stores are offering deals long before Black Friday.

As consumer Group Which? pointed out last week many of last year’s so-called Black Friday deals, cheaper or available at the same price at other times of the year.

In the opinion of Mulcahy, shops often run a discount campaign to boost sales.

“Black Friday is really a psychological thing to convince that it’s the best price you can get.

“If you put your nose in it, then you might have access to very good discounts in October and early November,” he added.