Hamilton wows first audience in London

Matthew Murphy

The first British performance of the Broadway hit Hamilton on the left of the audience, the hip-hop sang the musical’s praises.

Theatre addict called “” Alex Packer called the services from the London cast of “error-free”, and Jen Waller called the evening “special”.

The Daily Mail is said Baz Bamigboye, it was “the best first Album of a musical [he had] seen since Miss Saigon”.

In the “Telegraph” meanwhile, Veronica Lee said, the show at the Victoria Palace theatre “went without problems”.
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The opening of the show again for two weeks, due to delays in the setting of extensive restoration.

The preview continues until 21 December, when the Tony award-winning musical has its official opening night.

“Saw the first performance of @Hamilton Westend tonight and it literally blew me away really,” tweeted “serial theatregoer” Daniel Lewis.

At the end of the Twitter post of @bigdanny Lewis

His feelings were privileged, echoed by David Cambridge, said he felt “very, to see the first UK performance”.

At the end of the Twitter post by @David Cambridge

First, in New York, staged in the year 2015, Hamilton used hip-hop and rap to tell the life story of one of the American founding fathers.

The role of Alexander Hamilton will be played in London by Jamael Westman, a 25-year-old Rada-graduates with only two other professional stage experience to his name.

Matthew Murphy

According to the Evening Standard, whose editor, George Osborne on Wednesday was among the audience, men from the West “an outstanding achievement”.

“He has absolutely smashed it,” agreed Frank Ikenye on Instagram. “I didn’t think this was only his 3. Production”.

Hamilton himself! He (Jamael Westman) absolutely smashed, would not think that this was only his 3. Production! Proper modest dude, he asked me for the photo