Flynn sent the message about lifting sanctions from Russia in a few minutes after bringing Donald trump’s sworn in

Adviser on national security, assured the former business partner that the us-Russian project in the middle East “got the green light,” said the informant

Michael Flynn sent a text message to a former business partner that sanctions against Russia will be removed. In addition, former adviser to Donald trump on national security said that the American plan for cooperation with Russia on construction of nuclear power plants in the middle East “got the green light.”

This was in the letter Trey Gaudi – the Chairman of the house Committee on oversight – said Congressman Elijah Cummings, referring to the informant. The Congressman refused to name the person providing the information.

In the letter, Cummings told the informant the day of the inauguration attended the event, where he met with Alex Dapsonom, managing partner of the ACU Strategic Partners and business partner Flynn. Former Advisor to Donald trump on national security Copano sent a text message during his inaugural speech of Donald trump.

Copson told the informant that he had received from Flynn’s message that the nuclear project that he “worked for many years”, “got the green light,” wrote Cummings in a letter.

Copson showed the informant his cell phone with the alleged message from Flynn, although he did not read it. The informant said that he saw the time the message was received – 12:11, 11 minutes after Donald trump was brought in as the 45th President of the United States.

Cummings stated that he met with the informant, and says it is “credible, trustworthy and reliable.”