“Coffin on wheels”: the Network has ridiculed the Ukrainian military equipment

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. Netizens made fun of demonstrative exercises APU, timed to the arrival of the delegation of the National guard of California the United States to Ukraine. A video of the events posted on YouTube.

The footage shows how military show American counterparts training of soldiers and weapons available to the APU.

The video has caused a heated discussion in the Network. In particular, bewilderment of Ukrainians called a simulator for the calculations of man-portable anti-aircraft missile complexes, which were shown to the delegation. For some users it caused associations with trolley from theme Park and others with a “cart rope”. The most popular among the commentators was compared to the “coffin on wheels”.

“The strongest of the funeral company on the continent…” — notes the user is Konstantin Berger.

“Is it on rails? And this pull on the rope?” perplexed Yevgeny Vasilyev.

Other weapons also not made Ukrainians proud. They suggested fighters APU not to shame and not to show the delegations of their “achievements”.