Brexit assessments do not follow”

The government has not carried out assessments of the EU consequences of withdrawal on the British economy, the Brexit-Secretary David Davis told MPs.

Mr Davis said the benefits of such reviews would be “close to zero”, because the extent of change to cause a Leak.

He said the government had produced a “sectoral analysis” in different industries, but not a “forecast” what would happen if the UK leaves the EU.

Labour called it a “shambles”.

The liberal Democrats, said that impact assessments were needed urgently, while the SNP called it an “ongoing farce.”

Mr Davis said a “very large contingency-planning-operation” was in place for Brexit.
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On Wednesday morning, Brexit-Committee hearing, Chairman Hilary Benn, the listing of the automobile, aviation and financial industry asked whether impact assessments had been carried out in different parts of the economy.

“I think the answer is answer no to all of them,” Mr Davis.

If Mr Benn suggested that this was “strange”, the minister said formal evaluations were not required to know that the “regulatory hurdles” impact, describe Brexit as a “paradigm shift”, the similar impact on the financial crash, which could not be predicted.

“I’m not a fan of economic models, because they all have proved wrong,” he said.

‘Davis sound exhausted’ – from the BBC’s Norman Smith

David Davis, probably has not done the Brexit lead to a huge bundle of good this morning. First, his Frank admission that there are no consequences, have completed assessments, will inevitably be seized by critics to argue the team May simply have not yet done the basic groundwork.

Second, his proposal, that he did not have the resources to do so, and at least some of the work his officers have done a lot of, hardly a confirmation of his Brexit Department.

Thirdly, Mr Davis probably will not help his own reputation, he had the Committee he was handed in two chapters of the 850-pages of analysis, but not read. Mr. Davis, the Committee chided about the time you took.

Fair enough, the Brexit-the Secretary had a cold – but sometimes he sounded thoroughly torn up and cheesed off. Not a great look.

It has been a long-running dispute with the government-Leakage studies and their publication.

A year ago, Mr Davis said his Department was “in the middle of the implementation of more than 57 sets of analyses” on various parts of the economy.


MPs forward the documents published have driven for them, and on 1. November the house of Commons adopted a motion to release the “Brexit assessments of the consequences of” Brexit-Committee of the members.

In response, the government said this movement is “understood”, what the documents really were, but has since edited reports to the Committee.

Mr Davis said the deputies meeting represented “as close as we can to what we have taken to the intention of Parliament”.

A “quantitative forecast for the result” does not exist, he said. “That’s not it. We have not done that. What there is, is the size of the industry, employment and so on.”

Mr Davis also said there was no “systematic assessment of the impact”.

During PMQs, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, Mr Davis’ line repeated, to the “sectoral analyses”, not “impact assessment” drawn up had been, and added that the government would not give a running commentary on the negotiations.

“This really is said to be a shambles,” head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn.