Black Friday sales bonanza set for recording

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The Black Friday sales bonanza was on track for a record with consumers set to spend almost £8bn over the course of what became a four-day shopping event.

Barclaycard said transaction numbers were 32% compared to last year, with Black Friday as the most likely source of the increase.

In detail, the researchers said that the online sale would be to show the strongest growth on Friday.

Buyers are expected to spend £1.15 bn – up 15% on the same day last year. On the Top of the Street, sales were forecast to total £1.45 billion euros, an increase of 4% in 2016.

Barclaycard said the value of all transactions grew by 8% last year, in the middle of the afternoon.

With the help of Barclaycard data, it is not possible to separate what is everyday spending, and which is stimulated by Black Friday.

However, the average weekly online expenditure in the UK amounted to approximately £1.2 billion euros, according to the Office of National Statistics, so that sales on Friday alone will be almost equivalent to those of a normal week.

John Lewis, Game, Tesco and Argos have extended their high street opening hours, and many retailers have already offered days of deals, in an effort to maximize the hype and the expenditure around the event.

But many retailers have chosen, including Marks and Spencer. London, Harrods department store, has also ignored the Black Friday, saying that the frenzy of sales events “cheapen the brand”.

And the clothing retailer Primark said in a blog: “Black Friday? *Yawn* As if we would like to make you wait all year for a flash sale, just to delight you with our totes increds price.”Black Friday and the Non-buy dayBlack Friday is “crazy” for the retailers, critics sayBlack Friday deals ‘not all they appear to be,’ buyer beware

Black Friday – which now includes weekend shopping, promotions and Cyber Monday – has surged in popularity in the UK in recent years, and became popular in continental Europe.

According to the forecasts of VoucherCodes, and the Centre for Retail Research, consumers are expected to spend £7.8 billion over the period of four days, including Cyber Monday. That would be an increase of 7% over the four days of the last year.

Barclaycard, which processes nearly half of all debit and credit card transactions in the united KINGDOM, said between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. it had processed a record 998 transactions in a second, compared to last year’s peak of 791. During this time, expenses are up 8% on the same period last year.

TopCashback’s UK director Adam Bullock said, “Black Friday, which promises to be the biggest day of shopping that we have ever seen”, with all of the consumer spending increase of 15% and £12,500 being spent per minute. The discount retail site, said that he expects the figure to increase throughout the day.Small Queues

However, there was a lack of early morning queues on Oxford Street on Friday morning, although John Lewis had attracted a line of about 12 bargain hunters who stood outside the store, shortly before the opening hour.

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Laurent Konadu, 20, and Jeremy Opoku, 22, were on their way to Japanese retailer Uniqlo to buy KAWS ” the second collection of the famous comic strip Peanuts, which launched on Friday.

“We do not come through, but the output of this brand has given us more of a push,” Mr. Opoku said.

But other buyers have said that they don’t even realize that it was Black Friday. Mark Norden said: “I didn’t know that it was Black Friday. I had a meeting at the corner of the street and thought, I would like to return some boots.”Wake up early

People are staying up later and waking up earlier for Black Friday deals. The online traffic between midnight and 6am have increased by 40% in one year, and was up 300% in the course of a typical day, according to Katie Ward of Vouchercloud.

“We have increasingly discovered the tendency to stay up later and wake up earlier for Black Friday deals is true and strong,” Ms. Ward said.

The highest spending peak between 6am and 7am, with traffic increase of over 400%. Nearly 85% of shoppers checked out deals before midnight.

Sales via smartphones can replace desktops on Black Friday this year, according to the researchers of the PCA to Predict with more than 40% of the transactions should be done on phones and tablets.

Dozens of retailers offering a series of online transactions, including Amazon, currys PC World, Argos, Gap, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, and others.

Although online transactions have increased, the size of the basket is the lowest so far, according to Overall Group Savings.

The average value of the basket of spenders online is £107.35 compared to a normal day pass is £151.42. Approximately 60% of online discount hunters are women, the group said.

Black Friday born in the united states, where it takes place the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the kick-start the Christmas shopping period.

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