Bishop Tikhon has explained that the question of “ritual murders” of Nicholas II does not mean the nationality or religion of its members

Moscow. 30 Nov. INTERFAX – the Russian Orthodox Church urged not to see anti-Semitic attacks in the desire of a consequence to check whether the ritual murder of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

“No one mentioned anything about the nationality or the religious affiliation shot,” said Secretary of the Patriarchal Commission on the “Ekaterinburg remains,” Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov) on Thursday at a briefing in Moscow during the break of the Synod of bishops, which discussed, inter alia, the interim results of research remains.

He explained that it is a “ritual of vengeance” of the Bolsheviks-atheists, and recalled that of the eight people who participated in the shooting, only Yakov Yurovsky was not Russian, but he abandoned the religious views of the nation and was an atheist.

“All our Commission is outraged by the attempts to accuse us of anti-Semitism,” said the Bishop. According to him, is a “vile provocation”. “We see how fabricated the problem, as it becomes a fact destabilize society,” – said Bishop Tikhon.