Bangladeshi authorities relocated 100 thousand Rohingya on desert island

Washington. 6 Dec. INTERFAX – the authorities of Bangladesh has approved a plan to resettle about 100 thousand of Rohingya refugees on a desert flood-prone island Tanger Spell in the Bay of Bengal, said on Wednesday the American TV channel si-EN-EN.

It is noted that this plan will cost the government $278 million and should be completed until November 2019.

The authorities reported that “soon” will begin to build up the island Tanger Spell, which is now considered uninhabitable.

In turn, international human rights organizations have criticized the plan to resettle refugees.

“In a desperate attempt to make Rohingya people left the refugee camps and eventually returned to Myanmar, they (the authorities of Bangladesh – if) endanger the safety and well-being (Rohingya refugee – Interfax)”, – said the Director of the South Asian branch of “Amnesty International” Biraj Patnaik.

In response to criticism from human rights activists, the government of Bangladesh conducted a study of the conditions of life on the island. The results of the study showed that the island may be inhabited, subject of special works.

“Despite the fact that the land is subject to flooding during high tides, the situation can be controlled through land management and work to strengthen the banks”, – said the Minister of planning of Bangladesh Mustafa Kamal.

According to si-EN-EN, in accordance with the plan for the resettlement of refugees on the island of Enchantment Tengar should be built about 1.5 thousand shanty areas and 120 centres for refugees.

Earlier this year, more than 620 thousand Rohingya people fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar. The reason for the mass emigration was the aggravation Travego many years of conflict between members of the Muslim peoples and the Burmese people in Rakhine state.