Angry scenes as Gavin de Beyer convicted of the murder of his wife

An absence of emotions De Beyer yawned, and stood with his hands in his pockets as Justice Peter Hidden sent him down.

Then, with a half-smile, he turned in the dock, as two young men in the gallery Darlinghurst Court number three cried out to him.

“We’ll see you in 2035 is s**t,” a young man yelled, while another said: “he has shown no remorse is a c**t.”

Justice Hidden gave De Beyer a minimum sentence of 19 years, which means that, with time served, his earliest possible release date is scheduled for January 31, 2035.

The court has heard the evidence of the family’s outrage at the senseless death” of Ms Michelutti.

Justice Hidden gave a detailed account of the De Beyer cold clearance of the scene of the crime after stabbing the wife in the morning of February 1 last year.

The court has heard about De Beyer sobbing “sanitized” account of the scene to the police, who said: “I want my baby back … she killed herself.”

Justice Hidden said that before he was interrupted cleaning of the scene of the crime by one of his sons, De Beyer had probably planned to blame the murder of an intruder.

Angry scenes erupted between the family of Sharon Michelutti (above), such as Gavin De Beyer has 25 years for her stabbing murder

Gavin De Beyer sobs to Campsie Police Station, he claims his wife stabbed herself. Image: NSW Police

The distraught relatives of the mother-of-five Sharon Michelutti yelled Gavin De Beyer as the sentence was handed down. Photo: Facebook

Ms Michelutti, who was 48 when De Beyer killed her, had suffered a long and violent drug fueled relationship with him since their late teens.

They were married in 2001, and at the time of the murder, the two youngest of their five children, between the ages of 7 and 30 years, were still in the house.

Justice Hidden said in the face of de Beyer violence towards Ms Michelutti, it was not “physically violent towards him”.

“Is drinking alcohol in excess at times, and used illicit drugs … cannabis and amphetamines, and in more recent times used methylamphetamine, known as ice,” he said.

“The relationship had been troubled for many years.

“Would abuse her, throw things at her, kicked and even headbutted her.”The couple argued about money and about how to raise their children.

On the morning of Ms Michelutti murder, De Beyer, he was talking about losing his cell phone charger to the torque Riverwood home in Sydney’s south.

Ms Michelutti had pulled off an Arrested Violence Order (AVO) against De Beyer 16 days before, to protect herself and her seven-year-old daughter, named “T”.

In a phone call around 10 Ms Michelutti and his daughter Kalrya, 19, De Beyer could be heard in the background.

It was 40 minutes before the stabbing is believed to have occurred, of Justice, of the Hidden, he said.

Sharon Michelutti suffered a violent relationship with a childhood love of Gavin De Beyer. Photo: Facebook

De Beyer theatre to Campsie Police Station after having cleaned up the murder scene to his home. Image: NSW Police

Between 10.19 am and 10.21 am, De Beyer went to Riverwood supermarket and is caught on CCTV.

At 10.42 am, a call was made by Ms Michelutti phone to triple-0, but it is not connected.

“At that point, or shortly after, he stabbed her,” Justice Hidden told the court, saying: De Beyer who wanted to keep the call “because of the AVO and I don’t want to involve the police.

“I am satisfied, there was a conflict between the offender and the deceased and that he stabbed his anger.”The stabbing was a “spontaneous”, but De Beyer, “the purpose to inflict grievous bodily harm on” his wife.

De Beyer then took the knife in the kitchen, wiped with a cloth, and put it in the sink to be washed”.

He put the tea towel on the washing machine and changed his clothes before leaving the house at around 11.

The police would, then, De Beyer’s shirt, but the shorts were never found, and he had not completed the cleaning of the scene of the crime because of the arrival at the home of his 17-year-old son, “K”.

“He could have, maybe, said someone entered the home and killed his wife,” Justice Hidden said.

Sharon Michelutti with one of his sons to Westmead Hospital following an industrial accident in 1997

Gavin De Beyer is arrested for murdering his wife. Image: Ten News

De Beyer, above, after his arrest, yawned as he was sentenced to 25 years for murder. Image: Ten News

Ms Michelutti, who died of a single stab wound, was found on her bed with the blankets pulled up over the body.

De Beyer, leaves the house wearing a red top, jeans and a red cap, to Campsie Police Station.

Around noon he presented to the police, crying uncontrollably, saying: “she’s dead” and collapsing to the ground in a fetal position.

The officers took De Beyer from the foyer to a room where she continued to sob, saying that his wife was dead.

Senior Constable Bill Moussa-Khalil, said De Beyer test at the beginning of this year that has felt De Beyer said: “She was in possession of a knife and she jumped on it.”

Another officer is heard to say: “She killed herself, I tried to save her.”

De Beyer was arrested and has been in custody since.

Sentencing submission to the court by Ms Michelutti members of the family“ expressed outrage at the senseless death and the love for the deceased. and the continued effect on their life”.

In the Darlinghurst court on Thursday, De Beyer sat in the dock with his head in his hands during a great part of the sentence, but sat again as the Justice Hidden read the evidence of the offender’s childhood.

De Beyer father was “an angry man” who beat his wife in front of the children, and De Beyer.

A psychiatric evaluation of De Beyer described him as a man “who presented it as emotions, and detached, without remorse”.

Justice Hidden, said De Beyer “has maintained his innocence and shows no remorse,” so it was hard to give her exposure to violence as a child much emotional weight.