Aerophobia prevented Austria to extradite the “authority” Gagieva, learned media

MOSCOW, 27 Nov — RIA Novosti. Vienna was unable to extradite crime boss Aslan Gagieva in Russia because he allegedly developed a rare form of aerophobia, wrote on Monday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

As previously reported, the Supreme land court of Vienna granted the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia for the extradition of criminal authority of Aslan Gagiev accused of organizing 60 kills, 12 September.

“Before sending Aslan Gagieva at Vienna airport, his lawyers presented to the participants the extradition of the event a certificate stating that crime boss during his stay in the Austrian prison had developed a rare form of fear in which the defendant simply may not survive the flight to Russia”, — the newspaper writes.

Defenders Gagieva also appealed to the Higher regional court of Vienna, demanding to cancel all previously adopted on the results of Aslan Gagieva decisions, the publication adds. They also pointed out that the Federal penitentiary service of Russia will not be able to ensure finding the crime boss in jail in conditions that meet accepted in Europe and will not provide the security Gagieva in prison.

“If the Higher regional court will again take the side of the Russian Supervisory authority, the lawyers intend to appeal against the actions of the Austrian authorities in the European court of human rights, and to consideration of the merits to obtain from the ECHR suspension of the decision on extradition of Aslan Gagieva in the Russian Federation”, — adds the publication.

The criminal organization created and led by a native of Georgia Aslan by Gagieva, began her criminal activities no later than 2004 and had more than 50 participants. According to investigators, gunmen killed 60 people, including law enforcement officers, officials of national and municipal levels, business people and other people. Crimes were committed in Moscow, Moscow region and North Ossetia.

The number of gang members have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms. Gagiev in 2015 was arrested in Austria, where he tried to obtain refugee status, began a long process to extradite him to Russia. Last September, the Supreme land court of Vienna granted the request of Russia on the results Gagieva.

Among the most resonant crimes made OPG Gagieva — the murder in 2008 of the mayor of Vladikavkaz Vitaly Karaev and Deputy Prime Minister of North Ossetia Kazbek Pagiev.