697bhp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will demonstrate the performance of the company credentials

Jeep’s European boss says that the decision to bring the 697bhp Grand Cherokee Trackhawk for the region was made to highlight the brand’s on-road performance credentials.

The range topping version of the SUV features a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Mopar Hellcat engine, which has previously only been used in the Dodge Charger and Challenger. The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will be offered with the guide to the right and is due to go on sale next month of May.

Dante Zilli told Autocar that while the company expects that the Trackhawk to be a “niche” proposal, Jeep, predicted that there was enough of a market to make it worthwhile as a flagship product.

“We are pretty sure in Europe people want a SUV that is damn fast and exciting, and we believe that customers in the UK, in particular, as a” Zilli said.

“It is not a volume equation for us: an important part of the Jeep brand DNA is the level of performance and capacity. While we are best known for off road performance, we want to prove that we have on-the-road performance capability.”

To the side of the Trackhawk, Jeep will also launch the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk in the UK next year. That model, which will be offered in the UK with a diesel engine, equipped with four-wheel-drive, adjustable air suspension, electronic rear limited-slip differential to give the off-road ability. As the Trackhawk, it also features an upgrade of the interior.

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