16 democratic senators called on al Franken to resign

The call came after a series of charges of indecency in the address of the legislator

Sixteen democratic senators of the United States – including at least 10 women legislators on Wednesday called on his fellow party member, Senator al Franken, to resign in the face of growing allegations of indecent sexual behaviour over the past two decades.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from new York the first said that the 66-year-old Franken, a former popular television comedian, twice elected to the Senate from Minnesota, should immediately resign.

Her call was quickly joined by women senators from other States: Hawaii, new Hampshire, California, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Washington, and Michigan.

We will remind that in November, Leanne Tweeden, a former television host and Playboy model, said that during the preparation for the charity entertainment programs for American soldiers in the middle East in 2006, Franken, before being elected to the Senate who worked as a comedian in the transfer of Saturday Night Live, kissed and touched her without her consent.

According to Tuiten when he and Franken were rehearsing a sketch, which he had to kiss her, he “aggressively thrust his tongue in her mouth”.

In an article published on the website of the radio station KABC, Tweden said: “I left. I couldn’t think about anything except how to quickly get to the bathroom and wash off the taste. I was disgusted and felt that I had committed the violence”.

At the end of the trip when the group returned to the US, Cuiden fell asleep, and then found a photograph of a grinning Franken is holding her breast.

In the original statement, Franken said: “The rehearsal definitely stuck with me in a different way, but I sincerely apologize to Leanne. As for the photos, then obviously it was intended as a joke, but it turned out otherwise. I shouldn’t have to do that.”

He later added: “I respect women. I do not respect men who don’t respect women. And the fact that my actions give people good reason to doubt, causing me shame.”

In recent weeks, a lot of women and men in the United States have made public accusations of sexual harassment, often by powerful people who had control over their career. A flurry of accusations rained down after more than 50 women, mostly Hollywood Actresses, accused of harassment an influential producer Harvey Weinstein.

Demands for the resignation of Franken has sounded next day after the old term of service in Congress, 88-year-old member of the house of representatives, Democrat John Conyers, was forced to resign after allegations of sexual harassment that occurred in the past.