U.S. Ambassador huntsman: the decision of justice of the Russian Federation on foreign agents raises “serious concerns”

The U.S. Embassy In Moscow issued a statement to the press

On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Russia John huntsman made a statement for press in connection with the assignment by the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation the status of “foreign agents” a number of media.

“The steps recently taken by the Russian government in connection with the law on foreign agents, causing serious concern to us, – said the huntsman. We saw that this was reflected in civil society and non-governmental organizations in the form of harassment, lawsuits and the termination of their professional activities. We urge the Russian government not to allow this suppressed freedom of expression and editorial independence of those who are eager to work in Russia.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Russia formally declared Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and “Voice of America” “foreign agents”.

The decision on Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of justice, was a response to the decision of the American authorities against the Kremlin-funded channel RT.