Residents of birch blocking the street because of the construction of the Park

Residents of the neighborhood, the birch in Kiev blocked the street of the city, protesting against the start of construction in the square, which they managed to defend four years ago. This is stated under birch on Facebook.

Initially, the construction work began as a reconstruction of a heating main, but later it turned out that this is preparatory work for construction on king street. 19-19a. Rumored to build had McDonalds, but it later turned out that the territory allocated under building trading-office complex with public catering facility.

4 Dec on-site construction fences appeared, which caused the people’s discontent. And in response they organized the overlap of the street at the crosswalk adjacent to the building.

It is also reported that at the request of local residents, the Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings, but the Builder of this does not stop.

Recall that this is not the first construction in the capital which causes disturbance in Kiev. For example, on November 14 in Kiev there was a fight over development, when the locals tried to demolish the fence.

Later, on November 28, Vitali Klitschko made a statement about reducing the height of a newly built residential complex in different district of the capital, to reduce social tensions.