Amanda Bennett: we will remain a reliable source of news for our Russian-speaking audience

Director of “voice of America” – the decision of the authorities of the Russian Federation on the announcement of a number of international mass media foreign agents

Director of “voice of America” Amanda Bennett commented on the decision of Moscow to declare the “Voice of America” Radio Svoboda and channel “Real time” of “foreign agents”.

“We know about the decision of the Russian authorities to recognize the “foreign agents”, “Voice of America” and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and TV channel “Real Time,” stated Bennett. – The Russian Ministry of justice has made it clear that this will lead to the emergence of more “restrictions” on the job “voice of America” in Russia, but the essence of these restrictions is unknown. We are closely watching the actions of the Ministry and other official Russian structures. At the same time, we intend to remain a reliable and credible source of news for our Russian-speaking audience.”

Recall that the decision taken on Tuesday by the Ministry of justice, aims to complicate the work of international media in Russia in response to unacceptable, according to Moscow, the pressure on the Russian media in USA.

In November, the Russian legislature passed a number of amendments to the previously adopted Law on foreign agents. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the amendments on 25 November.