A fan stole a football boot during a match of the Dutch League

In the framework of the 13th round of the championship of Russia on football AZ played host to FC Twente. During the match, something unusual happened.

In one of the gaming moments of the second half, with the legs of defender of the guests Pet Baena came off the boot, which with a stunning reaction was kidnapped cheerleader AZ. A fan with a hunted trophy is returned to its place and for some time did not want to return the shoes back to the owner, because of what the match was stopped.

Later, the guy returned the boot and the fight was resumed.

👟 | Het publiek in Alkmaar uitstekend vermaakt zich met de schoen van Peet Bijen.#aztwehttps://t.co/K6Ij8e9755 pic.twitter.com/kwRlcKZcCX— FOX Sports (@FOXSportsnl) 24 Nov 2017

Earlier it was reported that a blind fan of Liverpool wrote a complaint the actions of the Spanish police

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