Trump says he never asked for Komi to block the investigation against Flynn

Some lawmakers see the latest tweets of the President’s recognition for obstructing justice

WHITE HOUSE – U.S. President Donald trump published on Sunday, several tweets in which he criticized the FBI and said that “never asked” the former head of the FBI James Komi to stop the investigation into former national security Advisor to Michael Flynn, in connection with his contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington.

The reputation of the FBI “was in a terrible state – the worst in history,” wrote trump and said that his administration “will restore her greatness.”

In June, Comey has told Congress under oath that the President asked him to stop the investigation against Flynn.

“Again fake news cover another lie Komi” – trump wrote in another tweet.

The Komi have also used Twitter to publish a quote from their June readings.

“I want Americans to know the truth. The FBI is an honest organization. FBI – strong organization. The FBI is and always will be an independent organization,” wrote Komi Republic.

Former high-ranking employees of the Ministry of justice also defended the FBI after Sunday’s statements trump.

“In the headquarters of the FBI can be found integrity and honesty, and on Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600 (White house – ed.) this is not” – said the former attorney General Eric holder.

Former Deputy attorney General Sally Yates said that “the only thing that was in a terrible state” is a trump respect for the rule of law, and that the FBI “deserve better.”

Trump’s tweets came two days after Flynn admitted that he lied to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak year ago, a few weeks before joining trump in the post.

Using the same social network, trump also criticized the FBI for background appeared information that the agent of the Bureau who wrote emails in support of the presidential candidate of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, was removed from the investigation after these letters came to light.

“Now everything starts to become clear,” wrote trump.

“The President should not comment on these investigations. The only thing he needs to do is to instruct all of its employees and assistants to fully cooperate with them,” said the Senator from the Republican party of Susan Collins in the Sunday program “Meet the press” on NBC News.

The tweet, which appeared in the account @realDonaldTrump, also attracted a lot of attention.

“I had to fire General Flynn, because he lied to the Vice-President [Mike Pence] and the FBI, wrote trump. – He confessed to this lie. It’s a shame, because his actions during the transition period were legitimate. There was nothing to hide!”

This suggests that, dismissing Flynn February 13, less than a month after his appointment as national security adviser, the President knew that the former Director of the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense lied to the FBI agents who talked with him a few weeks before.

Personal lawyer of President John Dowd admitted that he made a tweet about the dismissal of Flynn. Dowd said the site Axios, had made “a mistake” by passing the draft text to the Director of the White house on social networks Dan Skawina.

“I’m not doing the tweets, said Dawood, according to Axios. – I didn’t want to be the source of sensations”.

Many saw this tweet the President that he tried to obstruct justice.

And many do not believe the explanations Dowd.

“This seems implausible, because it is convenient for the President to Trump,” says Ned Price, a former special assistant to President Barack Obama’s national security Council.

“The idea that a lawyer could make such a text without any introductory or review by the trump doesn’t inspire confidence. And this situation complements a long list of attempts to cover their tracks,” said Pryce, a former senior CIA analyst, “Voice of America”.

In the investigation of Russian interference in the elections in 2016 and the possible collusion of staff trump with Moscow special Prosecutor Robert Mueller tries to establish, whether there was obstruction of justice by the President, which could be expressed in the request to the Komi Republic to terminate the investigation in relation to Flynn and then to the dismissal of the Director of the FBI.

Flynn faces up to five years in prison after his statement on the admission of guilt, but he agreed to cooperate with the investigation of the special Prosecutor.

“I think it will expose other members of the administration. Otherwise there are no reasons why Bob Mueller could offer such a deal Mike Flynn,” said a leading Democrat in the house of representatives Committee on intelligence, Adam Schiff, speaking in the “this week” on channel ABC.

“Will this lead, eventually, to the President, I just don’t know,” he added.

Mueller is building a case of obstruction of justice by the President, says a senior Democrat, Senate Committee on the judiciary.

“I think it shows in indictments four indictments and a guilty plea that had just taken place, and some statements that are made now. I see it in gipervozbujdenia reaction of the White house: the daily comments, constant tweets,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein in the program “Meet the press” on NBC.

“I think the most important thing here is what happened with the dismissal of the Director of Komi. I am convinced that this is directly related to the fact that he agreed to dispel the looming cloud of Russian investigation – said Feinstein. Is obstruction of justice.”

Flynn was one of the closest confidants of trump during last year’s election campaign, which ended with the victory of the Republican candidate over Clinton.

Flynn, whom President Barack Obama had previously dismissed as Director of the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense, has attracted attention to the Republican Convention, when he began to chant: “To jail her!” referring to Clinton.

When on Friday he was leaving the building of the Federal district court in Washington, where he came to make a statement about the plea, he could hear the chant “throw him In jail!”