Microcredit organization in Chelyabinsk has fined for the use of the text of the prayer in the advertisement

Chelyabinsk. 4 Dec. INTERFAX – the Chelyabinsk OFAS Russia fined on 100 thousand roubles microfinance organization for advertising using the prayer “our father”, the press service of the regional OFAS on Monday.

In advertising, LLC MKK “Uralservis” printed on the pocket calendar, along with “Easy money. Need cash? Toll-free in Russia…” present the text of the prayer “our father” and the image of Jesus Christ.

The calendars were distributed in the offices of the microfinance organization “Easy money”.

“The Antimonopoly service found that the use in the advertising message of Christian religious symbols violates the law on advertising, because it can be offensive to the feelings of believers”, – stated in the message.

The position of the Agency divided 17 of the 19 participants of the expert Council under the Chelyabinsk UFAS, and 270 participants of the survey on the website of the 660 voters.

Chelyabinsk diocese in response to the request, the FAS also noted that it was inappropriate to use in advertising of microfinance organizations of religious symbols and texts of prayers.

“This is offends the feelings of believers, as any such activity is incompatible with traditional Orthodox values, calling for the possession and non-material benefits,” reads the response of the diocese.

The company has complied with the order to stop the dissemination of advertising.

Currently, the organization challenges the decision of the Chelyabinsk UFAS Russia in Arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region.