Top 5 movies about conflict resolution in a team

“Where there is no conflict — there is no communication,” say the sociologists. However, even the most skillful Manager can be difficult to configure in a working mood team, which was subjected to conflicting sentiments. Let’s see how this problem was handled the characters collection of the chief editor of the blog about the movie channels TV1000 Mary Datsyuk.

Lagaan: Once in India/Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India 2001

Indian film industry never ceases to amaze moviegoers with its deviation from the classical song and dance traditions and a variety of genres. One of the paintings that stands out from the rest, is the sports drama “lagaan: Once in India.” Here, imagine, the creators managed to combine the historical background, the adventure component and a few song numbers. With a budget of $ 250 million, the film has become one of the most expensive in the history of Indian cinema. In addition, the project managed to get into the shortlist of nominees for an Oscar and earned a place in the list of the best sports dramas from Time.

In the story, the inhabitants of the Indian villages during the colonization period, have to assemble a team and learn to play cricket, to be free from taxation. The tape is present several conflicts: the confrontation of different cultural Britons and Indians, and even more interesting contradictions within the team, which took into its ranks a representative of the untouchables. To cope with this is to have the self-proclaimed leader Bhuvana.

The Avengers/The Avengers, 2012

What could be more complex and contradictory than a team consisting of different independent characters who also have superpowers? But the team “the Avengers” is necessary in that whatever was to turn into a well-coordinated team, because their work affects the future of the entire planet! Billionaire Tony stark squirt, clumsy demigod Thor, the Hulk is unstable and a visitor from the past Captain America will tease each other and even fight, trying to prove their superiority, but in the end learn to work together. All this is not without the help of the above nick fury of the Organization shield, and also because of a common enemy against which to unite.

Remembering the titans/Remember the Titans, 2000

That conflicts can go not only harm but also benefit on our own experience hero Denzel Washington from the tape “remember the titans”. The main conflict broke out between the team players in American football and a new coach (Boone). The cause of the conflict was racial prejudice, particularly strong in the USA at the time. The contradictions are moving in a new direction, when some players are on the side of the new coach, while others remain in opposition. In the end all becomes clear that the only real unity can lead the heroes to victory. This impressive win puts the final point in history.

Wholesale cheaper/Cheaper by the Dozen, 2003

The family is also a kind of model of the working team. Especially if we are talking about a motley mob, including 12 children! This Comedy with Steve Martin in the title role based on the memoirs of many children of scientists, engineers, Frank and Lillian Gilbert. In the altered plot of the film the father became the coach of the football team and her mother is a writer. When the last offer to go to the book presentation in new York, all 12 children remain in the care of his father. To cope with this responsibility, the hero will have a closer converge with each child, discover their needs and complaints and learn how to resolve conflicts, which in this case can not be avoided.

Thirteen days/Thirteen Days 2000

And this tape of Roger Donaldson talks about historically significant events the autumn of 1962, which will be called “Caribbean crisis”. At the time, few people thought that the tense confrontation between the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union could turn into a global catastrophe and nuclear war for humanity. Only a few people could affect the outcome of the confrontation. The American President had to choose the way in which it will direct its political course, thanks to the recommendations of his closest advisers. But what if the advisors are divided and choose the polar direction, while the state inevitably closer to the edge of the abyss. The main role in the film played by Kevin costner and Bruce Greenwood.

Our kinopremery prove that although conflicts within the team and inevitable, thanks to the wise leadership they can be used to identify the weaknesses of the team and to rectify the situation by wrapping them for the common good. We invite you to view these and other popular movies on the TV1000 channels.