The GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral monitors the status of the iconostasis to the Church of St. Sampson Cathedral, it is satisfactory

Saint-Petersburg. 28 Nov. INTERFAX – the State Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” continues to monitor the status of icons of St. Sampson Cathedral, despite his transfer of the Church.

As reported “Interfax” in the Committee for state control, use and protection of monuments of history and culture (KGIOP) St.-Petersburg, the state of the interior of St. Sampson Cathedral is satisfactory.

“Icons are not withdrawn from the funds and are in the Museum storage of the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral. The Museum conducts regular monitoring of the iconostasis and, if necessary, involves the work of restorers. Currently the icons are under supervision, they are provided with the necessary routine maintenance and maintenance in satisfactory condition”, – told the Committee.

Informed the Committee in response to the request of the Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky said that “the Central icons of the iconostasis of the identified small chips and scratches the paint layer, traces of the stains, spray wax, black spots of unknown origin”.

As reported, at the beginning of October 2017, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has not approved the agreement on the transfer of Museum valuables Sampson Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. As established by the control and accounts chamber of St. Petersburg contracts for Museum exhibits signed between the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral (which once housed the building – if) and the parish of St. Sampson Cathedral (not the diocese – if), which is a legal entity with its separate property and not liable for the obligations of the diocese. The diocese is also not responsible for financial obligations of the Cathedral.

In mid-November, the St. Petersburg office of the FAS of Russia reported on the detection of signs of violation of the law on protection of competition in the transmission Sampsonievskoe Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church

Sampsonievsky Cathedral, which was part of the GMP St Isaac’s Cathedral, was transferred to the Church in February.