Stephen Boyd writes amazing letter to the family of the victim

And the cowards conclusion he came to was the death of Tina Kontozis, 51, was not his fault alone, but of New South Wales, the police also played a role.

Boyd yesterday, appeared before Justice Julia Lonergan in the new south wales Supreme Court for a hearing on the sentencing for the murder of Ms. Kontozis and injuring their then 16-year-old son of Daniel Boyd.

The crown prosecutor Chris Maxwell QC revealed Boyd, 53 years old, wrote a letter to Daniel, Mrs. Kontozis brother Nick and “our families”.

It was dated May 20, 2016 — less than a month after that he killed Mrs. Kontozis. He told them that it is the hardest of the letter he had to write it, but he wanted to “try to explain why things turned out this way”.

“You know the last 18 months of Tina, Daniel and my relationship was starting to strain and the arguments were more often between the three of us,” he wrote in the manuscript in capital letters.

Then came the extraordinary moment when he accused the police of failure that led to the murder.

Stephen Boyd, after he was arrested. Photo: Channel 9

“To this day, I continue to believe that the police should not have been called and must not have been involved in our family’s arguments,” he wrote, referring to an apprehended violence order made by the court after he was convicted of assaulting Ms Kontozis and his son.

“All this did was make things even worse, because the police overreact and exaggerate the facts and costs, resulting in an AVO then a breach of the AVO and a good behaviour bond, with court appearances, court fees and fines.”

“The Police should not have continued with it, resulting in restrictions and more pressure on me, which, I believe, contributed to my emotional breakdown this terrible day.”

He claims with what he calls “a clear mind”, as he reflected on the events. Instead of the polive involved “I wish I wish we could have separate” until things “calmed down”.

Boyd said he has been “dragged out of bed” handcuffed and dragged before a magistrate for offences.

The letter ends by Boyd come to the realization that it was likely to be locked up for a very long time.

“It is fair to say that I could be here for some time,” he wrote, before begging for forgiveness.

Tina Kontozis and his son Daniel Boyd.

“I made the biggest mistake of my life and still can’t believe that it happened.”

The Crown is seeking a sentence of life in prison for Boyd. In his comments yesterday, Mr Maxwell said Boyd, “is supposed to be seeking forgiveness from the family” and suggested that it was more selfish than that.

He noted Boyd sought to blame the police — who have acted to protect the community from his actions.

“This is a murder committed in the context of domestic violence,” he said. “There are apprehended violence order against the offender for a conviction related to the assault of his wife and of assault causing bodily harm to his son.”

Yesterday, the hearing heard the movement of the victim statements from the family of Mrs. Kontozis, who was baptized Despina, including the son, Daniel, his brothers and his mom.

Stephen Boyd believed the actions of the police contributed to its collapse. Photo: AAP

Daniel Boyd and other members of the family read moving victim impact statements to the court.

“It has always been my mom and me — he has never been a role model as a father. In my eyes, he is and always will be an evil narcissistic”, the 19-year-old said.

Nick Kontozis spoke of the wonderful woman that she was.

“Put others first and truly gave her happiness. Tina was full of life, she was genuine and so much love.”

“I hope that justice is served for my beautiful sister, Despina.”

The hearing was adjourned until 2 February.

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