Mexico city airport detained wrapped in diamonds Spaniard

MEXICO city, Nov 25 – RIA Novosti. A large shipment of smuggled diamonds was arrested Friday at the airport of the Mexican capital. They were transported by a Spanish citizen that is hidden in the bag and wrapped around his body.

“At the airport of Mexico city Federal police of Mexico arrested a Spanish citizen who had intended to smuggle to Colombia 11.5 thousand diamonds, not stating their legal origin. The detainee could go into an international network of smuggling diamonds from Africa”, – is spoken in the police message on Twitter.

The Spaniard was acting suspiciously and asked to produce for the inspection of carry-on baggage. It was found on the second floor, where there were hidden diamonds, packaged in plastic bags. The other packages were tied to the body of the smuggler.

En @AICM_mx, @PoliciaFedMx detuvo a una persona de nacionalidad española, quien pretendía trasladar a Colombia 11 mil 500 diamantes, de los que no acreditó su procedencia legal. Detenido podría formar parte de red internacional de contrabando de diamantes procedentes de África.
— Policía Federal Mx (@PoliciaFedMx) November 25, 2017