The new Uniti-electric city car will be revealed next week

A Swedish start-up called Uniti, to reveal a completely new electric model will be next week with the promise that it is “inventing the modern city car”.

The company is working with the German tech giant Siemens for the project, has ambitious plans to produce up to 50,000 units per year, as soon as the car comes to the streets of 2019.

CEO Lewis Horne said Uniti is small, EV, developed as part of a three-year program, is made of recyclable carbon fiber and organic composite materials in order to conserve the environment.

Horne explained that these materials can be manufactured on a fully automated process. He describes the car structure, as “scalable”, with two – and four-seat variants planned for production.

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The Autonomous-capable car, it is classified as an electric heavy four-wheeled, such as the Renault Twizy, which was made, with lightness as a priority. It is expected to 450kg in weight.

Horne said that the car’s design focuses on maximizing battery power, the one with the highest version is predicted to be capable of 186 miles on a charge.

Power comes from two electric motors with a combined 40bhp top speed so that the car from zero to 50 mph in an estimated sub-3.5 seconds time.

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Inside, the passengers will face a full-width interactive head-up display, with the car controls are operated electronically instead of with switches and levers. The car is a human-machine interface technology, which means functions can be controlled via the open Dialog.

Uniti produces a concept of virtual-reality-cockpit, called Kepler-Pod in the last year to demonstrate the effectiveness of such systems.

An evaluation prototype for the town car appears to reveal an event called U17 in Landskrona, southern Sweden, on 7. December. To start this, Uniti plans, deliveries to customers in the year 2019, with production to take place in a factory in Malmö.

Uniti home market of Sweden and the surrounding Nordic countries to adopt the world’s fastest electric cars. Norway was the first promise to ban petrol and diesel cars with the intention of only electric cars on sale by 2025.

Chris Bangle revealed an electric city-car concept at the LA motor show at the beginning of this week. His design, called Redspace, the set of the Chinese EV-truck manufacturer CHTC group and sold in China as a response to its growing traffic and air-quality problem.

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