THE auto show 2017 – full coverage

This year Los Angeles motor show, also known as Auto-Mobility, has a wide range of new cars from a whole series of major brands.

The Californian event, including the full premiere of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, the public debut of the new Jeep Wranger and the opening of a BMW i8 Roadster – and that’s just the beginning.

Take a look at all out of the coverage of the sample of the first press day below, and you can find all of our ANGELES motor show stories here.

In the show that has Coach editor Mark Tisshaw, and the news editor Rachel Burgess, while back in our Twickenham base camp we had online editor James Attwood, senior staff writer, Sam Sheehan, taking care of the news, editorial assistant Sam Jenkins doing all things social media, and Jimi Beckwith compering to the live blog. Scroll down to read all the action this year, THE fair of the car.
Los Angeles motor show – live blog:


The action of the show has finished, and Tish and Rachel are writing their notes. Keep your eyes open for any last-minute news of the series, but until then, take a look at what has had to offer this year. So let’s recap…

The Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster GTS – remember? They were revealed so much before the show that they don’t feel like cars, but they are, and that pack 361bhp. Another Porsche, the 911 T, which also appeared on the screen, such as a wall-back purist special. Yes, another one. We are not complaining, mind.

Range Rover SVAutobiography – Land Rover showed this special extended-wheelbase model, alongside hybrid and SVR versions of the Range Rover Sport

Jaguar XE VS Project 8 – no, it is not new, but it has set a new lap record for four-door cars around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. And it’s great to look at too…

Mazda 6 – even Though it may not seem very different to the previous one, the Mazda 6 facelift also showed off her freshly cut and put the face in THE. Wait a couple of months and we’re going to see the European version.

Genesis G80 – We got a look at the G80, Korea, the response to the BMW 5 Series. The country of car manufacturers are coming increasingly to alter the status quo in the automotive industry, for edges ever closer to German rivals.

BMW i8 Roadster – One of the great cars of the show, the BMW i8 Roadster, lifted the roof at the la Convention Center. To see that a game of words, that is to say, because the Roadster does not have a route. Sorry.

Aston Martin Vantage – The new image of Vantage he made his public debut in los ANGELES. Is another new car design that has divided the opinion, still more peculiar and less conventionally attractive than their larger DB11 brother. Possibly the most divisive that the design is Aston’s choice of colors…

Lexus RX L – The world has acquired another SUV. This is a seven-seat version of Lexus’ largest SUV, rivalling the Range Rover and the upcoming BMW X7.

Mercedes-Benz CLS – One of the absolute protagonists of the shows, and with a cool design that has divided opinion a little. The front, with style elements that also feature in the next Class, has gone down pretty well, but the rear, where the opinion is divided. Speaking of the division of opinion, we suspect that this piece by the editor Mark Tisshaw him – he is sure if Mercedes even the needs of the CLS.

Nissan Star Wars cars – Nissan has gone to town (Mos Eisley, presumably), and then beyond the city to the outer space, for THE work. It has developed six concepts to promote their connection with the Star Wars franchise. It is worthwhile to take a look just so you can see a Nissan X-Trail X-Wings. Really.


Editor Mark Tisshaw has been in the Jeep standing up to take a look at the new Wrangler. Your opinion: “do not be fooled by the familiar look: it is all new. The whole car has been redesigned from scratch, one highlight being a 9% improvement in aerodynamic drag.”

Tish also had a quick chat with Jeep boss Mike Manley, which recognizes a long couple of years ahead because the company. After the launch of the new Wrangler is a replacement for the Cherokee next year, followed by a Jeep pick-up in 2019 and the Grand Wagoneer range-topper in 2020.


Rachel recounts a surreal experience: “Possibly one of the most surreal scenarios I’ve ever found myself in: the world-famous designer Chris Bangle talking to me about his new insanity of the Chinese city of car. The idea is that the interior is really usable space, and not only for the movement. That means that there is a foot massage function in footrest, passenger of the car. Chris insisted that I tried it… one of the most relaxing interviews I have done, I must say.”


Rachel getting inside info from the locals: “New Subaru Ascent looks decent in a square, American-like shape. The opinion of the experts heard of the American journalist: “it seems the Forester.”


More BMW fragments of Tisshaw: “There is no official update to the production version of the BMW iNext concept car shown at the recent Frankfurt show, and again in los ANGELES, other that the BMW is “time” to the year 2021, of launch, according to BMW i chief Robert Irlinger. He did confirm that the car was to be built in a development of the same rear wheel drive architecture that underpins the rest of BMW’s rear wheel drive, and at the same Dingolfing factory that makes the 5-Series and 7-Series.”


BMW in a solid state of the question about the future of the technology of the battery: “Solid state batteries are a technology that BMW I brand is the investment and development as one of a number of different battery chemistry research in the past 200 million euros of investment, according to chief Robert Irlinger.”


Tish is admire Jimi’s next long-termer. Maybe. “The design is already a couple of years, but stand and admire the Ford GT never gets boring. Just look at that color, those stripes… I Want to.”

While we’re thinking about the Ford GT, why not take a break from reading all these words, and take a look at Matt Prior’s excellent video review of it?


Tesla, on the PR offensive: “Tesla does not tend to ‘make’ the engine shown, however, here it is in los ANGELES with his Model 3, the model currently in production hell, ” according to the head of Elon Musk. The cleverness of the stand staff are courting the breakfast television the media, with some success. What crisis? Ahem.”


Tish has stumbled across the betracked GMC: “New niche alert: the car without wheels.”


Ah, the peculiarities of the American car industry: “I must admit that a seven-seater Lexus is not very interesting to me -, but in the united states, is likely to be an important player for premium Suvs. The amount of people at the shoot or get in and out of him, saying, in comparison with a lot of other cars here,” says Rachel.


Meanwhile, Tish has been talking about the electric Bmw with the chief Robert Irlinger. He says that the i8 Roadster will outhandle the old coupe model after the chassis changes made, most significantly to the rear suspension and axle. Fear not, though i8 coupe buyers, so that the changes (which also includes a larger engine and a battery) are also spreading to the coupe model at the same time.

Based on how much you enjoyed our BMW i8 long-termer, I suspect that its Roadster would be in strong demand in the Coach’s office…


We are always distracted by a car on a cloth, and Rachel saw this in the booth of Hyundai…

…don’t get too excited, though. “It’s the new Kona,” reports Rachel. The “old(ish) news from Europe”. It is true: you can read our review of the SUV here. We like it a lot.

Meanwhile, Mark Tisshaw spotting, well, something. He said: “they Have always coveted by the Carrera GT, until I saw this…”


Rachel has been admiring a good old-fashioned American truck: the GMC Sierra 2500HD All-Mountain concept. Running on Mattracks 150 Series of Clues, which ensures that you can get the 445hp from its 6.6-litre turbodiesel engine down in almost any condition. Not everything is robust despite the fact that: apparently it has the premium interior features, including leather trim and Bose speakers. “Even by American standards, this is out there,” said Rachel. “Certainly, the transport, I am trying to use for all future ski trips.”


Tish has been passed on to the Corvette stand, and take the time to appreciate something of good American metal. “The Corvette ZR1 is the latest version of the last front-engine Corvette,” he says. “I still remember my first contact with the car’s series a couple of years ago at Castle Combe and was staggered and how well it handled. And look how far you’ve come from: America is truly world-class supercar.”

And, then, Tish discovered what was parked next to the Corvette… a homeless! And the convertible looks elegant, and goes pretty well too: it has a top speed of 212mph, and is powered by a 745bhp 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine. As you can read in our entire history, it also has a mode that the company says could give is the world of the louder exhaust note. Now that is a bold performance claim you’re unlikely to listen to Elon Musk to do the next time that the wheels of a Tesla to the back of a truck…


Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson has been telling a group of American journalists about the new system of Care Volvo subscription package, which brings the number of countries in which it offers up to eight, including the united kingdom, Samuelsson said that the plan was a reflection of the changing demand of customers, citing the mobile phone as the catalyst for change of attitudes.


Rachel has only happened by the stand of Jaguar, where there was a display of I-Rate models, including the racing version that will be used for a one-make Formula E, the support of the series of the end of 2018. She said: “Jaguar is trying to maintain the momentum for its electric I-Rate before they go on sale next year. Big question: who is going to come in the first place – the Jaguar or Audi with E-Tron?”

In the preparations for the show, the Jaguar name first team to have signed up for the I-Pace eTrophy race of the series: US squad Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing. The team is run and part owned by Bobby Rahal, three-time champion of the Indy car and former 500 winner Indianapolis, and the former chat show David Letterman. The computer that currently runs cars in the united states IndyCar Series and endurance races.


Nervous, Tish? “The excuse of lack of definition but the dog unexpectedly barked and made me jump. THE breakfast TV at its finest: apparently we can figure out why he had the dogs with him after the break. Forgive me for not hanging round to find out why.”


Things are very different for Subaru in the united states, Mark says: “The System of Promotion is a long way from being the most exciting new car in the show, however, is the most recent test of the flexibility of Subaru of new architecture, and should find success in a market in which Subaru is so successful.”


There are some people hard to please? Sam Sheehan is overwhelmed by the i8’s interior: “I love the i8. It is a brilliant piece of design and the hybrid powertrain still impresses to this day. But I can’t help but notice how dated the interior looks now (never thought I’d say that when it was launched) – especially when it is in full view through the i8 Roadster.”


Always one for making a snack on your trip, James Attwood was very taken with Subaru’s boast that its new large SUV, the Ascent, features 19 of cup and bottle holders – pretty, even for a car that can accommodate up to nine. Even so, Atters recognizes that all of the holders of the cup should keep all the coffee you drink during the average at the motor show…


The lids have come off of the Mazda 6. It is a subtle tweak, granted, but the chassis modifications are what will make the biggest difference. I have here the revelation of the story.


The new Aston Martin Vantage has made its motor show debut in los ANGELES, in a lurid shade of fluorescent yellow. We’ve already taken a ride on one, even if it is in the form of a prototype. You can read here.


Bracelet has been difficult to of the press in the past, but unnecessarily, says Tish: “God bless the creativity of Chris Bangle. Your return drive, the Redspace, is wonderfully weird and as creative as you would expect. The cars do not all look the same, and Bracelet of the ability to challenge the status quo should be celebrated and not mocked.”


“Not metal new Jaguar in,” says Mark, “but pay attention to the label on the side of Project 8. Is the Nurburgring lap record in time of the car, and enough to sell the last 100 of the remaining cars at the end of the week.”


There goes another – Lexus’ seven squares, RX, RX L, has been revealed, and it is almost identical to the five-seater version. Need a hint? Look at the angle where the boot lid meets the roof.


Tish is the scope of the competition for the Mercedes – could Genesis pull out a coupe with four doors like the CLS? “Smart search Genesis G80 Sport is the Korean 5 of the Series. Genesis style is headed up by ex-Lambo and Bentley design boss Luc Donckerwolke, who has created a look at the shame of creativity in the Audi. The cars are good to drive too.”



There is another – the new Mercedes-Benz CLS has been revealed. The new face of Mercedes, although Coach HQ is to divide the view with the back of your style. What do you think?


One of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world has one of the largest stands, says Rachel: “Award for the largest stand up to time? Toyota. Flooded with pick-ups (of course) and the C-HR”.


A trio of exciting news for you:

First, BMW has revealed the i8 Roadster in the living room. Has 369bhp, two seats and a roof that retracts in 15 seconds. Read more about it here.

Next, Nissan has revealed no less than six (SIX!) concepts dedicated to the brand of the association with the Star Wars franchise. Have you gone to any lenths to these.

The last, and, technically, it is not news, but something that you should be excited about anyway, is that Lamborghini has revealed the official reveal process for its first SUV, the Urus. No more camouflage, no more fleeting, blurred images; the real car. Well, a small fragment of it.


Rachel is taking in the first impressions of the fair: “Given where we are, it seems only appropriate the first car manufacturer in the view when I walk in the room is… Tesla.”


Make sure that you know how to convey all the information that you need without any fuss: “Now”.


Rachel! And some familiar faces were there to greet her: “The calm before the storm here at THE auto show. The world’s media is waiting patiently to be admitted in the rooms where we’re going to find a lot of new shiny metal. In the midst of the people, I have seen a life size ad for the three incorrigible ex-Top Gear presenters to plug the new series of the Grand Tour”.

Wednesday, November 29, 1630 (0830 Pacific Time)

Remember, THE time is eight hours behind the uk, so while the uk comes out of the office to the home, Rachel and Tish, are getting ready for a long day of action at the convention center of Los Angeles.

The doors are opening soon, so expect an avalanche of new metal in a matter of minutes. What has been going on before the doors open, though? We are pleased that you take a look at what has been happening in the pre-show events:

Infiniti revealed its QX50 late last night, a rival for the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5, with a variable compression ratio engine. Is infected, again, as a car that could drive Infiniti is pretty loose hold on the European market when it arrives.

Yes, another SUV, but this is not for us – Subaru revealed its Ascent, full-size SUVS, in the form of production, ahead of the fair. And yes, it has a boxer engine with 256bhp.

Bracelet of the back, and its design is as divisive as ever. He has been working in the RED-electric city car from China, and he has been working with the Chinese electric truck of the company CHTC to bring it to fruition.

Rachel has been chatting with Mercedes and AMG executives, who have confirmed the power output of the new CLS-53 hybrid, and the following A45 AMG; 429bhp and more than 400bhp respectively. Goodness. Read more about the CLS-53 here, and get the latest news on the A45 here.

Bored of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 already? Chevy has you covered, or in this case, uncovered, with the opening of the ZR1 convertible ahead of the fair.

Toyota will show a big, robust SUV concept. Yes, another, but SUVs are the new whatever-the-latest-trend was, and this looks like it is actually going to venturing out on the road. If it ever makes it to production. It is called ” the Future of Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-CA. Good initial, Toyota.

Los Angeles motor show: the cars

Aria FXE

The California-based engineering company Aria is unveiling a high-performance concept model, as shown by a single preview image. The image reveals little other than that the car will have a rear spoiler fixed and shots of the rear, suggesting that it will be mid-engined.

BMW i8 Roadster

The fall of the top of the version of BMW’s hybrid supercar has been spotted testing, and hinted at a few times, so a reveal in the sunny, eco-friendly Los Angeles it fits the model perfectly. That is going to lead the facelifted i8 range, after the facelift of its small i3 brother.

Genesis G70

Genesis pulled the wraps off its rear-wheel-drive G70 hall in September, but the car makes its public debut at the los ANGELES motor show. Despite their imminent arrival to the united states, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class rival should not be doing to great Britain until the year 2021.

Infiniti QX50

Yes, it’s another SUV, but they are the voiture du jour. Infiniti is QX50 – a rival to the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC – is a close follow-up to the QX50 concept that was revealed at the Detroit auto show less than a year ago.

Jeep Wrangler

Despite the fact that was leaked earlier this year, we have our first look at the more rugged Jeep in the brand stable in THE. Wait for fierce to go to any place, the ability, the back looks and a lower entry-level engine of 2.0 liters more than the drive current of 2.8 liters.

Range Rover and Range Rover Sport facelifts

Slight updates to the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport have brought more Velar-inspired front-end for each one, as well as a hybrid powertrain. Are two cars that have been given the great pre-show to disclose a long time ago, but the first in-depth, the appearance of metal that we have is at the fair.

Lexus RX L

Lexus’ largest SUV, the RX, it’s going to be even bigger, with the introduction of the three-row version THE. It will be available in 350L and 450hL versions, that is to say, there will be a choice between the gasoline and hybrid propulsion systems. Rivals include the Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz GLS, as well as the upcoming BMW X7.

Mazda 6 facelift

Mazda is the beautiful living room is reaching the mid-point of its life cycle, so they are doing a nip and tuck, to keep it competitive with rivals like the Ford Mondeo and the Volkswagen Passat. Mazda has already shown that the majority of the car’s front-end style in a preview image, so that it is clear where the settings are. There is also a new 2.5-litre petrol engine added to the 6 line.

Mercedes-Benz CLS

We have already taken a ride in the new generation of the CLS, but we have yet to see what that looks in its entirety. It’s going to be one of the two new four-doors coupes of the Mercedes line-up, with a four-door AMG GT model that will be revealed later. Expect the CLS to keep things more on the tame side in comparison.

Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman GTS

Porsche has given the 718 range of a pine tree with a new performance flagship model. There are 361bhp tap – that-by-15bhp – thanks to a new intake system and turbocharger settings, as well as the changes of style of brand of the standard 718 Boxster and Cayman. GTS badging closes the deal.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru has revealeed a production-ready three-row SUV called the Ascent in the show, with a new direct-injection boxer engine. Although focused mainly in the market of the united states, the great model of the plant is likely to make it to great Britain in future applications.

Toyota FT-CA

Toyota has released a teaser image of a concept of the machine will be launched at the fair. The Future of Toyota Adventure Concept is understood as an off-road SUV style of the machine. The company showed the urban SUV concept, the FT-4X, this year’s show in New York.