In San Francisco the jury has justified accused of murder of an immigrant

Trump used this case as an argument in favor of tightening immigration laws

A jury in San Francisco admitted illegal immigrant from Mexico guilty of murder.

President Donald trump used this case as an argument in favor of the need for tough measures to combat illegal immigration.

In 2015, Jose INES Garcia Zarate was charged with the murder of Kate Steinle. At the time of the murder Garcia Zarate five times already deported from the country and had to send to Mexico for the sixth time.

He also got in Federal prison for illegal entry into the United States.

The jury found Garcia Zarate guilty of first-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, but guilty of possession of a weapon.

Garcia Zarate shot Steinle when he and his father were walking on the pier by the bench where he was sitting.

The prosecution insisted that the accused was playing with the gun, twisting it on her finger, and deliberately shot to get someone from passers-by.

The defense insisted that the shot was accidental: Garcia Zarate was found wrapped in a cloth gun under the bench, and when I picked it up, a shot rang out.

The lawyers cited the testimony of a ballistics expert who concluded that the bullet bounced from the ground ricocheted and hit the victim in the back.

The gun was stolen from the car of an employee of the Bureau of land management. Garcia Zarate was recognized not privy to the theft.

During the election campaign and after the election, trump repeatedly mentioned this case as an example of another murder committed by an illegal immigrant.

He used this crime as an argument in favor of the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and the signing of the decree about deprivation of the cities of refuge Federal funding.

The administrations of the cities of refuge refuse to enforce Federal immigration laws, which can lead to deportation. Among these cities is the well-known liberal mores of San Francisco.