The CPS has warned of an outbreak of brucellosis in the United States

MOSCOW, November 25 — RIA Novosti. The CPS reports on the outbreak of brucellosis in the United States, pathogens found in dairy products Udder Milk, a message posted Saturday on the Ministry website.

According to the report, the center for disease control (CDC) on November 21, informed the people who bought raw milk or dairy products from Udder Milk and consumed them for food, the need to seek immediate medical attention.

“The recommendation is that the CDC found in the milk supplied by the company, the strain of the causative agent of brucellosis – Brucella abortus RB51, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women… the CDC indicates that strain RB51 is resistant to antibiotics that are commonly prescribed for the treatment of brucellosis”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that the first case of the disease in pregnant women were identified by the CDC in late September in the state of new Jersey. Investigations were conducted into the source of infection, however, the Udder Milk company did not provide information about farms that have purchased raw milk or products made from it.

While the source of infection is not established, the CDC suggested that the population of those States, whose residents could buy milk from Udder Milk for the last six months (Connecticut, new Jersey, new York and Rhode island), contact the Microbiology laboratory to identify the causative agent of brucellosis and prevent the development of disease.

Brucellosis is an acute infectious-allergic disease transmitted from patients, mainly, farm animals to human by direct contact or consumption of infected meat and dairy products that have not undergone sufficient heat treatment. Is characterized by multiple lesions of organs and systems of the body.

CPS asked to consider this information when planning trips is added to the message.