The city Council wants to ban Parking on the streets 68: list

Today at the plenary session of the city Council had approved a list of 68 city streets, where there will be no Parking of cars. About it reports a press-service of the city Council.

The list includes streets where Parking of cars leads to decreased throughput and significantly impedes the flow of traffic.

“The decision defines the 68 streets, where it will be forbidden to leave cars. The Parking ban on these streets will help eliminate traffic jams, will provide legal basis for evacuation of cars of irresponsible drivers, and it also encourages the people of Kiev to take public transport,” – said in the message.

On these streets will set the appropriate traffic signs and the markings.

“After all these procedures, the police, having on hands the decision of the city Council, will take appropriate measures to the driver, which is significantly hampering the organization of traffic “, – said the first Deputy Director of Department of transport infrastructure of Kyiv city state administration Ivan Shpilevoy.

According to the resolution, Parking will be prohibited on the following streets:

However, the legal conclusion to the draft decision issued by the Office of legal support activities of the Council, stated that the publication of acts of the organization of traffic relates to the powers of the Kyiv city administration.

Also in the legal output States that vehicular traffic is regulated by traffic Rules, which can be amended, but this is not the responsibility of city Council.

The Directorate of legal Affairs has concluded that the project “does not meet the requirements of the law”.