Mr Underbed sells after the John Lewis ad

Andersen Press

Chris Riddell, who accused John Lewis of “help themselves” to his book Mr. Underbed for its Christmas advertising campaign, is enjoying an increase in sales.

Riddell, the book is now sold out, and then a publisher Andersen Press is the printing of 10,000 copies.

Both the book and the advertising have a small boy who discovers a giant monster stuffed under his bed.

John Lewis said that its ad, the story is “completely different from Chris Riddell”.


The retailer is also selling a Moz the Monster book based on the publicity for her shops.

The extra copies of Mr. Underbed will be available from 6 December.

A statement from Riddell advertising team on Thursday, appeared to recognize that all is well that ends well.

“The Monster Mash between Mr. Underbed, the original big blue is not the menacing, hairy monster that lives under a little boy’s bed – and Moz (John Lewis ad) – has led the public to once again fall in love with the 30-year-old book – and throughout the kingdom, each printed copy of Mr. Underbed sold out.”

Riddell himself said: “I have been so happy with the wonderful support that my picture book, Mr. Underbed, received after I pointed out the similarities with the John Lewis Christmas ad.

“I think this has sent a strong message to John Lewis, who I hope to work more directly with the image that the authors of the books in the future.”


Riddell-a story with a little boy who tries to find another place for Mr Underbed to sleep lead to the discovery that he shares his bedroom with various other hidden creatures.

Write on Tumblr two weeks ago, the popular author has said that it was “very generous John Lewis to spend their Christmas advertising campaign for my 1986 picture book… in this era of shrinking advertising budgets”.

In response to John Lewis he said: “The story of a big hairy monster under the bed that keeps a child to sleep is a universal story that has been told many times over the course of many years.

“Ours is a Christmas story of friendship and fun between Joe and Moz Monster, in which Joe receives a night light that helps him to get a good night’s sleep.”

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