Blogger: the inhabitants of the tent camp near Parliament turned the center of Kiev in the trash

The residents of the tent camp near the Parliament turned to be the favorite of Kiev Mariinsky Park in the latrine and trash. About this on his page in the social network Facebook wrote blogger, political analyst Vladimir Makarov, to illustrate the publication of the corresponding photographs.

“You know, this is not just frustrating – it’s infuriating! I honestly do not understand why I, like other Kievans, can’t go through one of the most popular parks in the capital without fear and disgust. Yes, talking about the Mariinsky Park.I do not support people who broke the tent town under the Rada do not share their position, but this is politics, you can argue. But the transformation of the once well-tended Central Park of Kiev, sorry, latrine and garbage to argue makes no sense. It’s just disgusting – period“, – said the blogger.

He also drew attention to the fact that trash littered the entire Park, including lawns, benches, paths, and that this waste is dominated by bottles of alcoholic beverages.

“See for yourself what it’s like trash on the benches, which previously rested quietly retired, on lawns, where children played, he partitions off the track, waste of life “campers” overwhelmed even the monuments! Is it any wonder that most of the trash and bottles? Given the aggressive and inappropriate behavior of inhabitants of the tents (about what repeatedly wrote in the media), I think that it is not necessary,“ wrote Makarov.

He suggested that if the situation does not intervene, the competent authorities, in the near future as a result of the actions of the residents of the tent camp Mariinsky Park can greatly suffer or even be destroyed.

“I’m afraid at this rate, soon MPs will start felling trees in the Park for fires (winter is on the doorstep, cold), in the course of going and benches, and in the end, if nothing is done, our Mariinsky Park there is nothing left…Do these poor of the town under the Parliament does not understand what they are doing? Don’t see that their actions only discourage Kiev from them that they do not have even the modest support that was? And why the hell none of the competent authorities has nothing to do with it?“ – outraged blogger.